18 July 2007

This is Embarrassing

Whoa! Last year in the spring, I was so excited about this blog...and then I completely lost steam, but I had no idea that it's been almost ELEVEN MONTHS since I posted anything?! Yikes...

One would think that after such an extended hiatus--yes, let's call it that as though I planned it all along--I'd come back with a bang, a stunning report on a decadent feast that I recently threw together. Alas, this is quite the opposite: I present you with 101 ideas for dinner, and they're not even my ideas, they belong to
Mark Bittman.

But they are very good ideas (most of them, I don't know about about number 90 something which calls for dredging liver in flour etc); do let me know if you try any! As for me, all I can promise is that I will post again before another 11 months go by. Really.