01 January 2011


Happy 2011!!
We are celebrating with bread pudding. Because Rich likes it. I was inspired by the recipe that Julie got from allrecipes.
I made it like this:

Tear three pieces of raisin bread and three (four?) French rolls from Costco into little pieces and put them into a 9x13 pan. Mix four eggs, two cups of milk, 1/2 cup sugar, tsp. of vanilla and two chopped up bananas, then pour over the bread. Massage the bread until it soaks up all the liquid.
Even if you feel silly, don't skip the previous step.
Sprinkle half with butterscotch chips and the other half with chocolate chips; massage a bit more to incorporate.
Set the pan in a cookie sheet. Pour water into the cookie sheet and bake the whole set up at 375 for one hour.
Serve with mango sauce and/or whipped cream. Run to the pan before Rich or you might not get any.
May the coming year be SWEET!

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