27 August 2006

Tart I Wouldn't Make

By the Wednesday two days after my birthday, I was agitated and disturbed that I still hadn't gotten any cake. Perhaps this is an obsession born of my love of cake--when else can one demand cake with impunity?--but there is a stubborn part of my subconscious that insists birthday=cake. Therefore, to put the inverse mathematically, birthday minus cake=no birthday. Or no celebration, for sure. So that afternoon, I took matters into my own hands, which is obviously another story....
because on Friday morning, my oh-so-thoughtful friend Jenny took matters into her own hands and brought over a delectable chocolate cheesecake-topped cake and this scrumptious tart (pictured partially eaten)! As she suspected, I had in fact tried a similar tart the week before at Cafe Selmarie. That was not an issue; more importantly, this tart meets my eating/buying out rule of "I don't order or buy foods I could realistically make myself". Thanks for knowing my rule and following it, Jen!

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Kari said...

So... what have you been cooking lately?