27 May 2009

Week in Long Overdue Review

May 19th:Michelle brought this Thai style curry last Saturday. I had a friend over; we tasted it and agreed that it had the potential to be really good but somehow something was missing. Though I felt a bit guilty, we put it in a pot and started tinkering. In no particular order, and in random quantities, we added jalapenos, turmeric, chili oil, and salt and pepper. Delicious! I wouldn't be repeating this story for fear of hurting Michelle's feelings, but when I thanked her for the curry later, she said, "It wasn't as great as I expected, I thought it would be more flavorful" which liberated me to admit to her that I had tinkered! Enjoyed with white rice and a romaine/cucumber/ranch salad.

May 20th...our 8th anniversary...here's hoping we get to celebrate it sometime, ever...This was my first foray into artichokes at home. I steamed them in the microwave and we dipped them in liberal amounts of butter, which is I think the prime reason Koji liked them very much! Now that I've tried fresh, I think I'll go right back to the ones in the glass jars. Not that fresh wasn't good, but it wasn't so good as to be worth all that effort. We also had rice and chili.

May 22nd: curry and rice

May 23rd: taco rice...I must have mentioned it here before? It's the Japanese incarnation of tacos, which means, take the stuff you might put in a tortilla and throw it on some rice. Delicious!

May 24th: Happy Birthday to my great friend Cheryl Lynn; she chose to outsource her birthday and have a celebration at On The Border in Naperville. Don't get the mahi mahi tacos, they are not good! The fish is too dry and so are the corn tortillas. Nevertheless, it was great to be with CLC and meet some of her friends.

May 26 Nara and her kids are in town to visit her parents and they came by to spend the afternoon/dinner with us. Not only did Nara teach me how to use my camera better (new skill not particulary reflected in this photo), she also practically got dinner on the table plus my kids and her kids all ready for bed, right down to teeth brushing, all by herself. Nara, you are amazing!
misoshiru with tofu and wakame
chicken drumsticks, broiled
grape tomatoes
Choco Pie

May 27
split pea soup

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