02 December 2009

WW and quesadillas

Jan and co. were over this afternoon. I'm proud to report that though we were sorely tempted, we did NOT run to Little Caesar's and pick up pizza. Instead, we went fancy and had some Weight Watchers veg soup (was going to link to a recipe, but I made the old school version and I couldn't quickly find it online. maybe I should put it up myself sometime), quesadillas, broccoli.

Oh, and Frosted Flakes...I recently bought a variety pack of Kellogg's cereal, yes, at Costco, how did you know...the little boxes and "sugar type" cereals were apparently irresistable to Luke M (4.5 years old) and so he had to have Frosted Flakes while everyone else was eating ice cream! I found that really funny because I distinctly remember longing for "sugar type" cereal when I was a kid too. Never imagined that I would grow up to become a supplier...

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