05 July 2010

Kimchi Tofu Soup

Last week when I was at the Asian market, I found myself tempted by the kimchi tofu soup. Soup, though...same predicament as when I order in a restaurant. Ordering/buying food I think I can make is against my personal code, most of the time. So I decided not only to make my own soup, but to ask the lady behind the counter how to do it.

She was adamant on the following: must take the amount of kimchi you need for the soup and leave it outside for three days. Then proceed with your cooking.

Um, OK.

The world of fermentation is new to me. So those directions FREAKED ME OUT and that is why I smiled at her, bought the large jar of kimchi she recommended and then looked at this recipe for inspiration and made my soup as follows:

Saute one large onion and one cup of kimchi in a bit of sesame oil. When the onion has softened, add five cups of dashi broth (or five cups of water and the corresponding amount of dashi powder) and bring to a boil. Throw in one cut up chicken breast (or, as in the second time I made it, one can of tuna) and lower the heat to a simmer. After five minutes or so, add a couple of tablespoons of miso paste and any amount of tofu. I LOVE this over a scoop of rice.


Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

So, was it good? How about sharing with your loyal readers how to make it???

Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

I'll leave mine our for 3 days and report back with my results.