17 July 2010

Reunion Food

'Tis the season of old friends coming in town to visit.  Never thought I'd say this, but it's almost as good as traveling, because no packing is involved.  For me, at least.  And I love to travel, but HATE to pack.  Perhaps that's because I don't care to plan ahead or make decisions, unless and until utterly forced to.  Hmm.  How's adulthood working out for me, then?...that's another post for another day. This here post is about today and the barbeque we went to that allowed us to visit with lovely friend Jenny and her seven (soon to be eight) person crew.  The usually painful moment of narrowing to one from countless options of "what dish to contibute" was made painless by this delicious and extremely appropriate for a hot day kind of recipe.  I know, all those words should have had dashes between them, but I just couldn't be bothered.  Try this recipe.  And try reuniting with old friends.  They are both delicious. 

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