17 April 2009

Four Meals in Two Days, But We Ate It All

April 16th:
Tomo-chan, who should be packing for her move back to Japan that is coming up sadly and soon, took a break from that to make us a fine dinner.

*takikomi gohan -- rice with other ingredients steamed in; this one had little bits of meat, sesame seeds and maybe some ginger? I didn't quite know what it was other than delicious.
*shumai and something else, I don't know what it's called but it looked like a CA roll but instead it had carrot in the middle, egg where the rice would have been, and aburaage instead of seaweed. Tasty!
*a kind of cold stew with okra, taro, burdock root, konnyaku in a meat sauce
*um. there was one other dish but since I neglected to take a picture I can't remember what it was...I will edit if it comes to me.

Furthermore, for lunch today I baked up the enchilada casserole that Jessica brought over yesterday. I hardly need to tell you that Aogu and I ate it with white rice... it was so generously sized that I froze half of it for later and kept the rest for forthcoming lunches. It's really good with a bit of guacamole on the side!

April 17th:
we were really spoiled today, three ways~
1. Jen brought us Thai coconut chicken soup, chicken satay, a fabulous green salad with cheese, cranberries and nuts and "adult" chocolate (as in, no need to share with kids!)
2. Yuko-san made us stewed hamburger steak (which doesn't sound good but was!), chickpea avocado salad, green beans in soy sauce and carrots. And of course to these we added white rice.

3. We also added Ross & Rebecca who came over to share the above abundance with us, to keep us company and to help with the laundry. Their presence even inspired me to bust out the Mukka Express cappuccino maker Rich & Jenny gave me a few months ago. I had been afraid to try it on my own, but our joint effort yielded success on the second try!

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