04 April 2009

What's the Real Spice Story?

Supposedly eating spicy food gets labor going, right? Now that I'm 12 days from my due date and pretty uncomfortable, I'm all about getting my labor going.

That's why I was looking forward to going out to dinner with Cheryl Lynn tonight before my baby shower. We were going to go to Wholly Frijoles so that I could drink some salsa or something.

Then I started having contractions, not enough to send me to the hospital yet, but enough to make me stop and take note every 10 minutes or so. Since I hadn't packed my hospital bag, we decided to do that before going to dinner, which meant that we ran out of time and couldn't make it to our original destination.

Our second choice was El Tipico but when we pulled up, they were closed because they are in the middle of changing owners. Or something.

We were reduced to Panino's. The calamari was pretty good and came out very quickly. I decided that I like calamari with legs better than rings.

The beef and barley soup tasted like it was from a can, but I ate most of it anyway to try and stay hydrated, since I was having some steady contractions. CL and I shared the rigatoni boscaiola and the spinach salad. Neither met my usual resturant ordering criteria of "item I can't/won't make at home" but I did appreciate the company and the opportunity to skip cooking for tonight.

Skip I did! I made a pot of rice for Aogu and the kids but other than that, I have no idea if/what they ate. So this is what that phrase "ignorance is bliss" means. Hmm.

The baby shower my friends put together for me was really fun and special. Thank you ladies! The mini cupcakes, cookies with fruit on them, coffee cheesecake, delicious blackberries...everything was great. Too bad I forgot my camera....

Maybe I'll have baby news soon?!

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