20 April 2009

Koji's Official Birthday

April 18th:
no one brought dinner tonight, but that was fine...I LOVE that people are helping and support us by making us food, yet I actually don't mind cooking, so I enjoyed taking a turn. I made:
*hashed beef and onions
*white rice
*salad of romaine, green peppers, carrots and ranch dressing

April 19th:
Sam and Erika brought dinner tonight and stayed with us to eat, which was extra fun. Erika made a broccoli and cheese casserole with breadsticks and of course we contributed some white rice. Then she busted out a super fancy cake, two layers of chocolate with an Oreo creme filling. She was so kind as to let us commandeer the cake for an early celebration of Koji's birthday...thanks!!

April 20th:
on Koji's actual birthday, Tomoe-san made us
*buta no kakuni (a stew of pork belly, daikon and hard boiled eggs
*burdock root and carrot salad in a mayonnaise dressing (which is one of my favorite things!)
*white rice and of course we had to help ourselves to another round of the
*"birthday cake" that Erika brought yesterday...

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