04 November 2010

All Thanks to Koji's Teachers

Koji's school was so kind as to plan a jack-o-lantern party for us last week. If they hadn't hauled the pumpkins and the carving utensils and the garbage bags and the newspapers into the classrooms, and then if they had not decided what time I should be there...well, then, I don't think we would have carved a pumpkin this year.
So thanks to their efforts, we did it! In case you aren't clear, the extra holes on either side of the eyes are for laser shooting, and the other long diagonal hole is Mr. Pumpkin's walkie-talkie. Oh yes, watch out if you meet Mr. Pumpkin in a dark alley. And you just might, we put him out there yesterday since he was getting moldy.
The food related bit of all this is that I saved the seeds, brought them home and then soaked and roasted them according to this recipe. I did a cinnamon sugar version, and they are pretty tasty! Worth the battle with Mr. Pumpkin, to carve him up into the fine specimen he is. Er, was.

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