10 November 2010


Here's the thing, and be prepared to be shocked:

I don't like to cook anymore. 

That sounds so final and sad and strange, but for now, it's true.  I never thought this would happen to me, but it has.  Maybe it was going to Japan and eating out or having others cook for me for two weeks straight, and now I just can't get into the groove though we've been back for three weeks. 

Maybe it just finally feels like more work than it's worth, though why I should feel that way now (or maybe this phrase will help me understand my feelings: 19 month old toddler) is a bit of a mystery. 

Anyway, so, I haven't really cooked at all, by my standards of cooking, for ages now.  I'm still slapping food on the table when it's called for but I'm not enjoying the process.  Wah.  Or, maybe this is a good thing and will give me the interest/motivation that's been missing from my so-called weight loss efforts?  Maybe?

1 comment:

Laurie said...

sorry. don't worry you will get "it" back.