01 October 2013


Appearance-wise, cauliflower seems to be nothing more than an albino broccoli cousin. I have vivid (perhaps false....? See TED talk by Dr. Loftus) memories of eating raw cauliflower with ranch dressing at any and every First Baptist Church potluck as a child.
 Thankfully, I've since realized that roasted is an infinitely better way to go.  
Alas for me and my love, cauliflower, for we are now separated by the expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  The implication that there is ZERO cauliflower is false.  However, what you see pictured was only the second head of fresh cauliflower I've gotten my hands on in these six months.  
Well, and so, rejoice!  Some, even a little teeny bit, is always better than none.  Right?!

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