02 October 2013

Taco Slice

Think I've posted this before somewhere, but I always figure if I can't remember, you can't either.  

We had Taco Rice tonight, which is the guts of a taco spread more appealingly than guts on a bed of rice--we prefer short grain white.  Well, when pronounced with Japanesey English flair, it sounds like "Taco Slice".  Aren't you glad it's this and not a jellified terrine of stratified taco ingredients?  Whoa.  Did anyone track with that question?
Our favorite TV show, which is to say, the only one that mostly nearly entertains me and all three kids all at once, is LINE Town.  Yes, it's a show that is based on a texting app, as far as I can tell.  It could be the other way around but I don't know if that would make me feel better.  It's at 6:30 on Wednesdsy nights, so we have a little tradition now.  Every other Wednesday, while we watch, we eat Taco  Slice.  On the alternate Wednesday we have grilled cheese.  
Good to know, right?!!

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