05 October 2013

Regular But Worth Remembering

Thursday night (10/3) was teriyaki chicken, "hot carrots" (sliced to matchsticks with my new from PAL System slicer and sautéed with plenty of butter) and rice.  For once in life I got the chicken marinating early in the afternoon, so cooking it all up was not the epic struggle I usually find dinner-making to be.  

No dinner at home last night because I spontaneously went with Luann and Meg to hear Francis Chan speak in Shin Okubo.  Kids stayed with Shige and ate pizza.  We grabbed some onigiri etc from a convenience store and had a second dinner of "Iranian Curry" back at their place after we decided on an impromptu sleepover.  

Pretty sure the last time--maybe the only time in these six months--we had Mac and cheese was at their house a couple months ago.  I think being there inspired Misaki, she requested the same for dinner tonight.  With no boxes of Kraft on sight, it was not so instant.  I followed a recipe from the How to Cook Everything app.  First I boiled the noodles, then realized we didn't have any cheese.  Stopped everything for a trip to Welcia.  
Got home, was ready to make a bechamel sauce only to slap my forehead again--no milk!! GRR.... Thankfully MIL saved me another trip to the market!  Verdict: pretty bland with that processed shredded white cheese.  A sharp cheddar would have been better.  The girls liked it and I was satisfied too, once I dressed it up as you see here.  Which is to say, loads of chives, hot salt, black pepper and Parmesan.

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