01 October 2013

Cheese Bah--gah

Last Friday I made a mass quantity of hanbaagu, which is something like a meatloaf patty.  Therefore, it's technically not a hamburger, I guess.  Though these days there are infinity versions of hamburgers, so who can know or say which is the TRUE burger? 
Anyway. When I pulled these hanbaagu out of the freezer tonight, I was pretty desperately bored at the thought of serving them with rice and green beans again.  
Fortuitously, my eye fell on a pack of hamburger buns in the freezer and when I asked the kids if they wanted bread, they said yes (technically I don't like bread or want to serve it to my family, most of the time, but my nutritional standards remain in flux).
So I guess this picture looks just as dead boring as my original vision of tonight's dinner, but I tell you: hamburger buns aren't super common here!  You can get them (obviously) but not just in any old store.  
Down the line if and when I have and oven, perhaps I'll try making my own.  Whoa. That might push the excitement right over the edge!

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