06 November 2013

Curry Fail

Found some masa man Curry soup in the foreign food mart at Aeon Mall but when I made it and served it up to Aogu, it didn't work as curry.  Guess I have to keep hunting for Masaman curry paste.  

Also made Japanese curry for the kids with sweet potatoes Misaki dug up at school yesterday.  Was actually very proud, for once I made dinner in the afternoon, and I imagined that would made my post work evening so peaceful and easy.  

Except that I didn't check the school lunch menu; apparently the kids had curry for lunch today.  As they (I) used to say in the 80s: "well, excuuuuuuuuuse me!".  It's a bummer to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner, but what a blessed problem, no? Unfortunately Koji didn't see it that way and our evening went to downhill rapidly from there.  


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