16 November 2013


I'm still making dinner.  SOO wish I could remember to consistently record it here.  Anyway, none of this looks very appetizing, but for posterity....

It's meatloaf--Mark Bittman's recipe from the How to Cook Everything app, the curry version.  Made with garam masala that really came from India and cilantro, I think it's delicious but it was too spicy for god kids.  

Also chikuzen ni, which will eternally remind me of my great friend Junko G.  Looking funky here cause I mixed in some rice.  This time I tried it with sato imo instead of gobo (burdock root) and that was just OK.  It caused me to give my entire remaining stock of sato imo to my sister in law.  

Finally, not pictured here but posted on the other blog: whole wheat persimmon bread, recipe from Pinch My Salt.  I put chocolate in and left nuts out.  An excellent use of my new to me oven!

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