16 November 2013

Palak Tofu

Don't ask me how, when or why this happened but I LOVE palak paneer, which is an Indian curry.  It's made of puréed spinach and cubes of Indian cheese in a tomato and onion base.  
Recently, a mom friend of mine said that her husband who had been working in India for five years was moving back home.  Right away, I asked if she had requested him to buy lots of Indian spices for her.  Should have known better--that led to him buying some Indian spices for me and me feeling I'd better make some Indian food for them.  
So here's my first attempt.  The only trouble I foresee is this:  I won't see her for another 36 hours and I don't know if there will be any left by then.  
I found this recipe on a site called sonisfood.com and the only thing I changed was: substituted tofu for paneer since I have no idea where to get that.  

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