23 November 2013


Means side dish in Japanese, and it's all the conversation is about when talking meal planning.  Because everyone just knows that the main dish is white, short grain rice.  
Well, I'm a super lazy student so after all these years, I still don't have the rules down as far as the number of dishes that's proper, the different colors they should be etc.  
But I do know that rice and one side is mostly not OK, unless that side is some kind of curry or stew.  I am mostly not up for manufacturing one side, so I run with the curry/stew/rice bowl (donburi) option quite often.  
This is all said to offer context for our menu tonight: 

Norwegian Salmon, pan fried with Himalayan pink salt
Hijiki and Carrot Braise
Miso Soup with Seaweed and Tofu

Feeling a little victorious about the meal and a little sad about the dishes.  Wait, I feel the latter every day... 

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