02 January 2009

East Meets...South of the Border?

That's right, tonight's dinner was:

*sushi and

You see, a friend from Koji's school invited us to her place for lunch today, and it was no ordinary lunch. It was sushi made by her husband, who is an actual sushi chef at Kyoto at Lincoln Park. I haven't been eating sashimi or sushi since I've been pregnant generally, but I made an exception when we were in Tokyo last October. I made another exception today, because I knew this sushi was fresh. Plus, I stuck to toro (tuna), which seemed the least risky. Oh, and crab, which was cooked. I also ate three deep-fried tiger shrimp heads, eyeballs, antenna and all. This was my first time for that experience, but how could I refuse when my friends were quick to point out that shrimp shells are full of calcium? Turns out they are tasty too (what isn't tasty when it's deep fried?).

My friend's husband had purchased a liberal amount of sashimi, so even though another friend's 10 year old son supposedly ate 40 pieces of sushi, we still had some left over for "take out". That turned into Aogu's dinner, pictured above.

I'm not planning to eat because I'm still stuffed from lunch, but Koji announced that he was hungry and wanted a quesadilla. That seemed easy enough, so I went ahead and made that for him and Izumi. Some other items that were also consumed:
*tomatoes (note to self, don't buy tomatoes in January, they just aren't good even if they look like they're going to be!)
*cottage cheese (it almost goes without saying that Izumi is the one who ate this. She LOVES it so much, it's practically a food group for her)
* osenbei...we don't usually eat this for dinner as I consider it a snack and theoretically try to keep it separate, but since Koji and Aogu started watching a movie while we were still eating, the whole experience kind of ran together.

So, happy second day of 2009. Our dinners are already turning out to be even more random and interesting than I expected!

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