26 January 2009

More More More

As in, more soup, more pizza and more curry...

Wait, maybe that last isn't a "more," at least not yet for this year. Who knows why or how I got twenty six whole days into this year--made it to Chinese New Year, even--without once making curry? For shame!

When I say "curry," you may form random images in your head, but this is what I see:

This is a typical box of roux for Japanese style curry. Inside the box are the blocks of curry flavored goodness--and all kinds of preservatives, I imagine--which allow you to take what was going to be a typical stew and make it deeply delicious, quickly.

Curry and rice is pretty much my husband's favorite dish, so this morning, knowing that the kids and I were going to be out at a friends' place tonight, I made a quick pot. And you know a thing has to be quick if I'm willing to tackle it in the morning before taking Koji to school. Full disclosure: we were 20 minutes late but I don't blame that on the curry. I blame that on the stinking Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship that just had to drop on the floor and scatter its pieces right as we were trying to walk out the door, sending Koji into 20 minutes of Histrionics. It was awesome.

Getting back to the point, Aogu had curry and rice for dinner. I made a VAT of the stuff, so you'll be hearing about it here again soon. Meanwhile, as mentioned previously, the kids and I were at a friend's house, where I made

*vegetable soup, ever so slightly inspired by the Weight Watchers recipe. It wasn't even ruined by my accidental use of the "WAY past expiry" chicken broth base that I dug out of my friend's fridge. That is, I still feel fine?! We also had
*pizza...you observant folks will notice this was our third time in four days to enjoy pizza for dinner. Good thing we REALLY like it...
*cupcakes left over from the party yesterday

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