27 January 2009

Something Old, Something New

Is this the reason why I wander in a forgetful stupor lately? I'm the poster child for "opposite of calorie restricted," though of course it's all in name of pregnancy. Yes, I know that eating for two actually means only an extra 300 calories. But was that per day, or per meal...?!

Thank God, there's a big exception to Aogu's rule of distaste for leftovers, and that is what he had yesterday, curry. Phew. Because though I went to the market yesterday and collected all sorts of ingredients to make a variety of interesting dishes, there was one I was missing today. Energy. I could not get excited about being in the kitchen cooking. Yesterday's curry was a lifesaver.

I did put together the salad that is pictured here and it differs from the recipe in one important way: I used spinach instead of escarole. I don't know if I've ever had escarole, but I wasn't able to buy it at the market I visited yesterday. Rather, I picked up a five pound bag of Popeye's fave and decided to try and work with it. I'm glad I did, it was delicious. Tonight's menu:

*Japanese style curry with chicken, onion, potatoes, carrots
*white rice
*spinach salad with pickled onions
*Healthy Choice fudge bars for the kids

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