09 January 2009

For the First, But Probably Not Last, Time This Year, Costco Saved Me

Aogu had plans to go out with a friend tonight. Phew...this afternoon I made an EPIC trip to Costco as we suddenly ran out of every possible paper product all at the same time. Diapers, tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, flushable wipes, check and check and check and check and check!

As I was saying, Aogu had plans so I didn't feel like I had to produce anything fancy for dinner. Fortunate, as I absolutely did not have the energy to so, anyway. And I was in possession of a $3 off coupon for a Costco take and bake pizza. Problem solved.

Tonight's dinner for me and the kids:
*Costco take and bake cheese pizza with sauteed mushrooms and ham added to half--that's where I took my slices from
*cucumber spears with ranch
*cranberry-raspberry juice

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