21 January 2009

Late, Late, Late

For some reason--maybe because Aogu left this morning on a business trip?--I was dragging all day today. I couldn't get out of bed, then I couldn't get us out of the house, then I couldn't get myself out of the lounge room at Koji's school to go to the gym, etc. So even though I knew I had invited three friends over for dinner tonight, I didn't have--make?--time to straighten up the house for them, or make them a proper entree as I had planned. Fortunately, they all made contributions and we came up with the following:

*Thai Basil-Chicken Soup, leftover from the other night
*green salad of spinach, tomatoes, celery
*mashed butternut squash
*cheese and garlic biscuits
*cranberry juice, water

The only thing worth noting, other than the fantastic company of my friends, was the random-frozen-fruits-pie I made for dessert. It's not worth noting because it came out so perfectly; in fact, it was a bit burned because I had the oven on 450 for the biscuits and I forgot to adjust it down to 375 for the pie. Still, I couldn't helped being a little bit impressed that the pie I threw together with a box crust and some frozen fruits (white & yellow peaches, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple), then a half bag of cranberries from the freezer when the frozen fruits weren't enough, was pretty tasty! You'll just have to take my word for it, since I didn't take a picture.

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