18 January 2009

Off the Hook + Karaoke = Excellent Evening!

We were invited to a Koji's school friends' house tonight for dinner and karaoke. Another family joined the party, so we had dinner with six adults and six kids, but none of it was made by me!

Actually, I did make and take dessert:
*upside down plum cake
*Rich & Chewy Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies
*peppermint popcorn....
but I failed to take a picture!

This was dinner, all made by the man of the house, Wataru-san:

Appetizers: On the right, cheese and prosciutto, tuna salad and some kind of stewed pork, which we were invited to spread on french bread (Aogu said the pork made the bread taste like nikuman. On the left, a kind of gratinized oden. I don't usually care for oden; the smell of it stewing for hours on the counter at the Seven-Eleven near my apartment in Higashi Kurume years ago put me off of wanting to put it in my mouth. But this was very good!

Salmon salad, topped with soft boiled egg (onsen tamago) and a soy dressing. Again, I'm not a soft-boiled egg fan, but Wataru-san's version somehow worked. Or maybe I was just impressed with his onsen tamago maker?!

A Japanese-style ratatouille, which featured some kind of pig intestines. I was eating along happily enough, until I understood what I was eating...even afterwards, I managed to eat several pieces. But I also pushed a couple aside and focused instead on the soy-pickled garlic that was also included. I am going to run out tomorrow and buy a jar of peeled garlic so I can pour soy sauce over it and make some for myself!

After an extended break for a couple of hours of Wii karaoke, we wrapped things up with this rice dish. It was cooked with Pacific saury; lots of shiso was folded in and it was tasty! Last but not least, though least pictured, was the dessert I mentioned above. Actually, we ate the popcorn and cookies while we were singing, so our official dessert course was the plum cake with Trader Joe's soy ice cream and strawberries.

All in all, this evening was a superb, delicious break from cooking dinner. Wataru-san, gochi sou sama deshita!

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watarushi said...

Hi Jamiy san

Thanks for joined us and your good comments with my dishes.