01 November 2009

As I Was Saying

on my other blog, apparently if one is ever going to revive one's faltering blog, this is the month to do it.

So here I am. Today we ate cookies for breakfast. They had peanut butter and oatmeal in them, so I'm thinking that wasn't quite as bad as it sounds.

We had bagels from church for a mid morning snack.

When we got home from Koji's tennis lesson, everyone was hungry but we were out of our Sunday staple, macaroni and cheese. Even more horrible: we were out of rice. So I made some spaghetti instead. Izumi picked her noodles out from under her sauce one by one. She left the sauce in such a neat pile that I let her get away with it.

Kim & crew have been very sick with the swine flu, so I did a Costco run to try and provide them with the menu variety they've been lacking. Naturally, that means we had Costco pepperoni pizza and green beans for dinner. We all LOVE those green beans. I'm too lazy to go and look at the package right now, but trust me, this is how good they are: the kids both picked up giant fistfuls of them and at them out of their hands. Misaki even ate two.

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