07 November 2009

Main Dish: Chaos

If only someone had been filming our "dinner" tonight, I'm sure the resulting footage would be great comedy for someone somewhere sometime. As for me, I wanted to be amused, but was instead caught up trying to manage the chaos that was our dinner time. Note that a large portion of the chaos was likely my own fault.

Stream of consciousness recap:
While we were at the market immediately before dinner getting popsicles for Izumi who has a fever (note to self, love the Village Market but DO NOT buy popsicles there next time, FIVE BUCKS for one box of Dora Pops?!!) my sidekick Koji was hungry and whining at me to buy him something so I suggested that we buy some Rice Krispies (mistake: see parenthetical note above, but sub in "Rice Krispies" for Dora Pops) to make RKTreats when we got home.
Well. Of course to him that meant the very instant we arrived home and NOT after dinner, which would have been more reasonable and sane. And because I am a weak parent who couldn't bear the thought of one more confrontational interaction for today, I decided it would be perfectly OK for me to manufacture RKTreats with him while making dinner and feeding the baby at the same time.

Somehow at some point, but certainly never at the same time, the following people ate the following items:

Misaki: smushed persimmon with rice cereal stirred in
microscopic bits of pita bread, the ones she was able to get to her mouth by herself
gnawed on two celery sticks and one cucumber stick

Izumi: two popsicles
one yogurt
one bowl of rice and natto

Koji: rice, beef shwarma leftover from Pita Inn, green beans
another round of rice with natto

Aogu: rice, beef shwarma leftover from Pita Inn, green beans
another round of rice with natto

self: rice, chicken torn from rotis chicken, salad of Pita Inn lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers w/ ranch

How do you write down the sound of all the air escaping from a balloon? 'Cause that's how I feel right now.

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