20 November 2009

Karate and Doughnuts

The kids were invited to a karate birthday party at the Shidokan late this afternoon. I knew I wouldn't have time to make dinner, so I actually planned ahead and made it this morning.
Get up, I know that declaration just made you fall off your chair, but this really is me still.
So I made some massaman curry. Unfortunately, in trying to be thrifty and using coconut milk and curry paste of indeterminate age, I left flavor by the roadside. It wasn't nearly as good as usual, but Hot Salt returned it to an edible state.
Wish I had a picture of the really cute "doughnut cake" that the moms of the birthday kids prepared for the party today. Since Koji and Izumi were just guests at the party and not guests of honor, I hadn't bothered to bring my camera along. Bad decision! Now I can't show you what I mean...I did ask several people around to send me a photo so if/when I get one, I will post it. Watch this space.

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