13 November 2009

Friday the 13th=Nasty Zucchini?

I had a friend over for lunch today. We had a modified version of Weight Watcher's vegetable soup. Sounds rude, right, making WW soup for a friend and thus implying "You need this," but I took a chance because I've had the soup at her house before. Plus, I didn't stick to the recipe 100%...had to add some chicken sausage and butter beans, just because they were there. Also used homemade stock.

We dig in and everything seems fine. About halfway into my bowl, I detect bitterness and start rooting through my soup to find the source. Turns out to be the zucchini. Oddly, that makes me feel as though the soup's less than perfect status wasn't my fault. The recipe called for zucchini, and I was just following orders. Had any of the ingredients I added randomly been off in some way, then I would have felt obligated to take the blame. Anyone following my logic?

Yes, I am going somewhere with this rambling soup story, straight to dinner, in fact. It was the soup mentioned above, but with all the offending zucchini fished out and green beans swapped in. Also, quesadillas, chips & salsa, chocolate peppermint cookies and yogurt cranberry coffee cake; those last two were made for the Craft Social, but the kids and I took some samples to make sure they were worthy to be shared with the crafting public.

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