04 November 2009

Chick Peas are the Same Thing In Japanese

A few years ago when we were living in Roppongi (that's how this whole thing got started, you know) I used to pore over recipes in magazines and try to find new things to try. I distinctly remember an ingredient called "hiyoko mame" (keep in mind, I'm in Tokyo, and the recipes I'm reading are in Japanese). I knew that it was some kind of bean, after all, that's what "mame," as in "eda mame" means.

It literally took a year or two after for me to realize that since "hiyoko" means "chick," the ingredient in question was chickpeas. Sometimes I'm a smart chicken. Or is that a dodo?

Tonight I made chili. With ground beef, onions, garlic (no green peppers, didn't have 'em) diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, pinto beans in chili sauce, black beans and chickpeas. More beans in chili is definitely better. At least, as the chili is going down. I'm just saying~

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