14 November 2009

From a Box, Proudly

Recently, I've learned to make a couple of things that I would previously buy in packages. For example, gyoza (pot stickers), soup for udon, nabe (mentioned a few days ago) and so on.

My head started to get a little puffy. I started thinking I could probably make just about anything, so I went looking for a hayashi rice recipe. I soon realized I would either have to spend hours simmering and concentrating beef stock, or buy cans of demi-glace sauce, which would feel like cheating if it was done as part of a "make it myself" endeavor.

Now, I have scratched hayashi rice from my "make it from scratch" list, and I happily make it with this box (I don't endorse this site, this is just the place where I found the best picture of this box). Tonight Misaki ate tofu, the kids ate natto gohan, cucumbers & ranch, grapes, and honeydew melon. Aogu and I had the aforementioned hayashi rice, and I also ate the nabemono that was left over from the other day. Oishikatta (delicious), if I do say so myself!

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