11 November 2009

Electric Pot

So I'm not a big fan of my electric cooktop, and I wish I could change it to gas. But I'm rapidly becoming a huge fan of this electic pot/skillet thingy that Aogu gave me a couple of years ago. I don't know why it didn't catch on with me sooner.

Two weeks ago, I needed to steam some gyoza in a place where I had electrical access but no burners. Enter this pot; she (he? what gender is a pot?) was a star performer.

Next appearance, in the kitchen tonight, for the occasion of nabe. Please don't say "NAYB," this is "Nah-beh". Based on my experience with it tonight, I can predict you'll be hearing about it a lot more in the future, because thanks to Ms. Pot (I decided my pot is a girl), this dish is EASYEASYEASY and delicous too.

I used this recipe for the soup. For the ingredients, I went my own way, somewhat: Chinese cabbage, tofu, mushrooms and udon, yes, but also thinly sliced beef, parboiled broccoli, and shirataki. I seem to recall that at some point in the past, I didn't care for shirataki. But after simmering in this broth and thinking about its ZERO calorie count? Ms. Pot and I will be having another appointment very soon, I think. Want to come join us?

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