06 February 2009

Airport Food

I got to the airport tonight, ready to board a flight to Charlotte, NC all by myself which was a pleasant thing. I was then forced to buy something for dinner, which was not a pleasant thing. After all, airport food is overpriced and underflavored, for the most part. I truly intended to bring my own food, but since I followed my usual pattern and did my packing at the last possible moment, that wasn't possible. After too much walking up and down and pondering, I settled on this nicoise salad from Saladworks.
As I prepared to eat it, suddenly it occurred to me that maybe my seat mate wouldn't find tuna fish to be his favorite inflight odor. Fortunately, he was an easy going guy, and he said he didn't mind. Maybe he felt sorry for the starving pregnant lady or something.
My dressing of choice was parmesan peppercorn. All in all, it was a pretty good salad, but it made me want another round of the nicoise salad that my Aunt Cher made for my grandma's birthday party at the end of December. If I ever, ever, ever catch up on my other blog, maybe you'll hear more about that.
Next time, I'm taking my own food.

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