13 February 2009

Timing Off

All week, I've been hoarding the ingredients for chicken enchiladas. So the good news is, I made them tonight. The bad news? I started them too late and didn't finish in time for dinner.

So we had
*microwave quesadillas and
*cucumbers/red peppers/tomato/broccoli with ranch instead.

Part of the problem was that Aogu and Izumi were scheduled to go out for a Daddy Daughter Date Night event at church, and the deadline of them needing to be there at 7:30 was too much for me. But that was a cause worthy of the sacrafice of my planned dinner. I heard they had a good time! Koji and I stayed home and played his video game of choice Lego Star Wars, which really means that he played, and I half watched and half read a magazine.

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