07 February 2009

Dinner in Charlotte

This weekend, as I referenced yesterday, I am in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aogu graciously agreed to take care of the kids so I could come and visit Jenny and Rich at their new house before they have their baby.
What a great weekend! Again, as I alluded to yesterday, if I should happen to catch up on my other blog (maybe I should make it a goal instead of being so wishy-washy about it) then you'll hear more about it.
The relevant point here is pictured to the right: dinner. We spent part of the day slapping ourselves on the forehead and regretting the fact that we didn't find a babysitter for their girls so we could go out to say, McCormick and Schmick's and cheer Rich on while he ate a whole plate of oysters. Bummer.
Jenny was ready though, with some really nice
She marinated it in a mixture of brown sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, etc. and though she was thoughtfully concerned that it would be too sweet for me, it was actually just right. Along with that I enjoyed

*white rice
*sweet potatoes with rosemary and garlic salt
*salad of mixed lettuce, steamed broccoli and stir-fried mushrooms with blue cheese dressing

That last was enjoyed by me alone; salads and broccoli in particular don't get much (any) play time at their house, but they knew that I love it and I might be nervous if I didn't get my veggies in, so they accomodated me most considerately.
Thanks for the great dinner!

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