05 February 2009

I Waited Five Whole Weeks

to make chili, which is pretty funny, because Aogu and the kids (more Aogu than the kids) really like it. So in the past it wouldn't have been crazy for me to make it every other week and then eat it for like three days straight...but I guess I'm feeling the pressure I'm putting on myself to make and report dinner!

Also, I think I'm lying and I did make it at least once already this year, but I'm too lazy to poke through my own posts for last month. For that matter, I didn't take a picture, but I think you can imagine what a pot of chili looks like. Spend a moment doing that.

OK, this particular chili was
*chicken chili with red kidney beans, black beans, and mushrooms served with
*water/apple juice/pomegranate Izze

The best part about the chili was that we ate it with Kim, Chloe, Adam and Lily (not that any of them but Kim particularly liked it, but they were still good company)!

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