14 February 2009

Yesterday's Efforts, Redeemed

Tonight we were invited to spend time with Jason and Kristen at their place. I didn't want to run over any plan Kristen had made for dinner, but I also didn't want my effforts of yesterday to go to waste. Fortunately, Kristen didn't mind me bringing dinner components, so we joined forces and served the following:

*chicken enchiladas, from a Cook's Illustrated recipe
*black beans with cumin and chili powder, a Mark Bittman recipe
*white rice
*salad of spinach, pears, candied pecans, feta and oil and vinegar dressing--a delicious speciality of Kristen's (I think I helped myself four times?)
*heart shaped sugar cookies
*ice cream

I'm a dunce, so I forgot to take a picture. It's too bad because as chicken enchiladas go, I think they looked pretty nice. Note to self: next time put more sauce on them!

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