09 February 2009

Don't Be Skeptical of Bacon, Kids

Tonight, as usual, we had dinner with our friends the M family after some play time together. We often have pizza, but we branched out tonight:

*shells and cheese from an ALDI box with peas and bacon added
*chocolate chip bar cookies

Jan and I, as the adult faction, went for some

*lentil soup
*white rice

in addition to the above. Delicious soup, Jan; thank you!

The kids didn't know what the "brown things" invading their macaroni were at first, but once they gave that bacon a try, they were convinced. Have to confess that I was too! Putting bacon in the mac and cheese gave it a fancier (fattier? greasier? more caloric?) taste than the usual ham does. I'll have to try that again.

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