28 February 2009

Fat Lip

Poor Izumi.

As we were leaving the house tonight for a good-bye party, I locked the keys in, which meant that we couldn't get in the car. THANK GOD for our good friends Matt and Nadia; not only were they lifesavers the other night when our basement flooded again, but they are the keepers of our keys. And when I called Nadia, she appeared with the key in less than five minutes!

Unfortunately, five minutes was long enough for the enthusiastically running Izumi to catch her shoe on the sidewalk and do a face plant. She now has a very respectable fat lip with a scraped nose and knee as bonuses. So though we went ahead to the party, we couldn't enjoy it much because I was worried about her injuries.

We came home to rendezvous with Aogu, home from North Carolina after four days away. We hadn't eaten at the party so I recycled

*leftover penne with meatballs and spaghetti sauce for everyone
*romaine, orange pepper and ranch salad for me
*cantaloupe with agave nectar and cinnamon for me and Koji
*Healthy Choice fudge bar for Izumi and Koji
*gummy bears, thank you "Grandma Mary"!, eaten by everyone but me

A friend at the party said that these kind of facial scrapes heal quickly. I hope he's right, I hate to see her lip so swollen... not that it kept her from eating meatballs and asking for seconds!

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