08 February 2009

Firebird's AKA Lifesaver

Who knew--certainly we didn't--that lunch would be so terribly hard to come by in Charlotte on a Sunday afternoon?
After driving around to two different restaurants that probably would have been good but lost our business by being closed, we finally went to
Firebirds. It was funny for Rich & Jenny to be there, since they had already been once earlier in the week. Furthermore, their first experiences at Firebird's, back a few months ago when they were in town checking things out, fell two days in a row. Got that?
Anyway, I had the
*durango cheeseburger and the
*sauteed mushrooms and copious amounts of

Because the bread was so good and I partook freely, there was no way I could finish my burger. So I put half of it along with the mushrooms I couldn't finish in a to go box so I wouldn't have to buy airport food later.

But when I was in Dulles Airport and opened my to go box for some dinner, I realized that the sponge action of the bottom bun of the cheeseburger combined with the mushroom juice had made the prospects less appetizing than what I had hoped. I ate it anyway; as you recall, I'm against buying food in airports if I can help it!

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Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

OH MY! You ate soggy bread! What's the world coming to??