01 February 2009

Super Bowl Party

We went to a Super Bowl party tonight. In preparation, I looked in the newspaper this morning to see which teams would be playing....looks like "Steelers vs. Cardinals"...good job to me!

I didn't know what to take to the party so I threw a bunch of random stuff on this tray, and then didn't take a picture until it was half eaten. Oops. In the middle is the cilantro mint chutney leftover from yesterday, carrots and pita chips to dip in it, carrot cake cream cheese frosting sandwich cupcakes, and in the empty space were some sliced pears, but Koji ate them all. All of them. That's why there's a blob of cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese left on the side; I thought it would be good to dip pears in, but apparently, he didn't.

Our hostess made chili, which was our main dish for dinner and really tasty! In addition to the items mentioned above, we also munched on pizza and chips. This smorgasbord was crowned by a strawberry banana trifle which was beautiful and delicious but unfortunately, I spaced out on taking a picture of it. As for the game, the Cardinals won at the last minute...I think?!

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Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

I prepared for the super bowl too by asking John who was playing on the way home from church! Although I must admit to not watching even ONE play. I guess I just can't get excited about football.