22 February 2009

Is Lunch on Sunday "Lunch" or "Dinner"?

My friend Stephen used to call Sunday lunch dinner. He said that his family had a tradition on Sunday of eating a large meal at mid-day and then not eating for the rest of the day. Or maybe they had a light tea in the evening or something. Um, it's hard for me to get the story straight because we had this conversation more than 10 years ago. And he's Canadian.

In any case, that's kind of how things went for us today. We had an old friend of Aogu's, Brocki, over for lunch. It was our first chance to spend time with her kids, and we had a fun afternoon. I knew all week that I was going to make lunch for them, but somehow I couldn't decide until during church that I would make

*penne with meatballs and jarred spaghetti sauce; it seemed a little contradictory to make the meatballs myself and then smother them with something from a jar, but hey, I had to cut corners somewhere and I did saute in some orange peppers and mushrooms, but I wished I had thrown in some garlic too
*steamed broccoli
*cucumbers with ranch
*white rice

*curry; this was left over from the other day, and I served it just in case they were feeling adventurous and wanted to try Japanese food
*girl scout cookies and
*St. Patrick's Day cupcakes, provided by Brocki

What I was getting to was that by the time we got home from church, straightened up the house again, and got cooking, the meal wasn't ready until about 1:30. I guess that's not nearly late enough for dinner, but it seems a little too late for lunch.

And the effect was, everyone wasn't super hungry at dinner. So I served

*white rice; but not much of it, I hadn't realized how much we went through at lunch and failed to make more, so everyone had to do with less than they would have preferred
* natto
*edamame; yes, I realized I was heavy on the soybean products, but not until after they were already on the table. oh well.
*steamed asparagus with butter, sesame seeds and salt

*black beans for me, since I don't care for natto and the rice was gone

Last but not least, I started thinking about Aogu's lunch for tomorrow and decided to make another roast chicken. This is a terrible picture, but I'll post it anyway. This time I tried the "soy sauce" version, which is roasted/cooked the same way as previously posted, but basted with a mixture of

1/4 cup soy sauce
2 T veg oil
2 T honey
1 tsp. minced garlic
1 tsp. minced fresh ginger
1/4 cup minced scallions

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