19 February 2009

When Aogu's Away....

...our dinners tend to take a turn in the direction of "simple". He's not out of town, but as I mentioned yesterday, he is working toward a deadline, so he wasn't going to be home for dinner or bedtime (boo hoo!). And that's how we ended up with

*formaggio panini (HA! that means grilled cheese in Italian, I think!)
*potato soup, "cheeseburger version," recipe from
Simply in Season

The kids were skeptical of the panini. It's been a long time since I last pressed on bread, I guess. But when I said it was going to be like a quesadilla, only made with bread, they dug right in, and Koji even asked for seconds. I need to work that Griddler a little bit harder.

The potato soup needed much more seasoning, but it did get a fair amount of carrots into the kids, so it's probably worth making again.

Again, what did Aogu have? Hmm...Chikin Ramen?

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