21 February 2009

Great Pasta--Because I Didn't Make It

This afternoon before I met with the friends pictured above, I was at a kid birthday party with the family. Pizza was served. It's great to serve pizza at a kid party, but as I think I've referred to here recently, or maybe I was just talking to myself, I have eaten WAY TOO MUCH pizza lately. So I didn't have any at the party. And furthermore, when my friends and I were discussing what to do about dinner together, I shot down the idea of pizza. It's rare for me to dissent, being the non-confontational type, but this time, I couldn't stand it. I had to speak out against pizza!

And I'm glad I did because this was a special occasion--from left to right, Renae, me, Tosha, Katie and Shanel have been meeting together every other week for about two years for prayer and sharing and sometimes venting (not always in that order). I wish I could say that we were just celebrating our anniversary, but actually, it's our break up we were celebrating. It's an involuntary break up, brought on by Tosha's impending move to Ohio. And actually, I shouldn't call it a break up as if we aren't going to meet together any more, because I think we will, at least until Renae moves away...

Bringing the focus off my recent, sad theme of "friends move away," and back to dinner, I can't remember the name of the place we ordered from. Thankfully, Renae took the operation in hand. I can remember approximately what we had, it was as follows:

*linguine with pesto and chicken
*farfalle with red peppers and some other stuff
*gnocchi and spinach gnocchi
*macaroni and cheese with broccoli--which had a much fancier name
*spinach salad with goat cheese and red onions
*cheesecake with fruit

Tosha, I will miss you.

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