14 March 2009

Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

Here you see the fruits of my labor for today.

I like to use words like "labor" right now, in the hope that Baby Spice will take a hint.

Anyway, this cake is in honor of Miho's mother in law, Jan. I hope you can "read" the cake and figure out for yourself what number birthday she was celebrating. This was the same cake I made last week for Koji's party, but in a different shape of course. Rumor has it the cake was a big hit, and I think I'm in the queue to make a cake for the next three birthdays their family has coming up...

in the next three weeks. It's a good thing I like to make a cake! Maybe I'll charge them a little extra and use the profit to go to that cake decorating class.

Um, do I really need to tell you that I didn't feel like making dinner tonight? Thankfully, I recalled the super helpful and utterly unoriginal idea of having the kids "make" dinner for us...

*English muffin pizzas topped with jarred spaghetti sauce, pregrated Costco cheese, salami
*also with mushrooms, red peppers and jalapenos for grown ups

Believe it or not, we did not have cake for dessert. But we do actually have quite a bit on hand, thanks to the bits I saved when I carved two 9 X 13s into a "6" and an "0". Maybe I'll eat it for breakfast.

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