23 March 2009

Kale and Cabbage Gratin

The kale I've recently experimented with by putting it in soup etc. has been a success, at least for me. I even got the kids to eat some by mixing it into their mac and cheese, if I recall correctly. If you're fact-checking me, you'll have to find that post on your own since I'm too lazy to link to it here.

In any case, I thought it was about time I branch out and make something other than soup with kale. So at long last, I made this kale and cabbage gratin. Here's what I learned:

*any recipe that calls for a pound of kale AND a pound of cabbage will turn into an exceeding amount of food
*ground thyme is nasty and should never ever be used under any circumstances, starting this moment
*more cheese would probably be better, at least from a taste standpoint
*if you don't know what to compare gruyere to when you are at the market searching for it in vain, try muenster instead

And with the hindsight of posting this several days later: this gratin is not bad, but if I should ever make it again, I will halve the recipe. After I ate it once or twice a day for the next several days and still had more than half left, I had to give that half to a friend. Trying to plow through it on my own was just overkale. Get it?!! Overkale = overkill...never mind...

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