02 March 2009


Being a little loco, I thought it made sense for me to try and make enough birthday cake for 35+ people and yet make dinner. Ha...I wasn't the least bit surprised when it was 5:30 and I re-read my recipe to see that the beans need to simmer in the soup for ONE AND ONE HALF HOURS, not just 30 minutes.

That's why the kids had
*instant ramen

And why much later, Aogu and I had some
*white bean chorizo kale soup, minus the kale because though I diligently bought it, I of course forgot to put it in! fortunately, there are leftovers to experiment with.
*white rice

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Jennifer said...

I enjoy reading your blog....thought I would let you know, though I don't have any spectacular comment....though I am curious to see what the birthday cake looks like....