25 March 2009

Cornmeal Pizza, but I'm Still Avoiding Yeast

Though we were home all day today in what will turn out to be the first of MANY days at home thanks to some nasty cases of influenza, I still couldn't plan ahead enough to try out a yeast pizza for dinner. But I really wanted to make pizza so I could use up that half full pack of pepperoni in the fridge.

I'm so glad that I got out this little pizza cookbook that my sister gave me quite some time ago: I found a great recipe for baking soda pizza with cornmeal. The whiter side of the pizza is "my" side, where I covered the pepperoni with pepper jack cheese. The other side is for the kids...but my efforts to use the pepperoni were a little overzealous, so they found it a bit spicy.

Well, there's nothing like having some leftover pizza available, so I count the pieces they didn't eat as to my benefit!

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