16 March 2009

Daikon Salad, my BFF

So I haven't really been out for a "big shop" since Sunday, March 1st. That means the fridge, freezer and pantry are actually starting to have a bit of space in them, and I'm having to be more creative with my ingredients (witness yesterday's spaghetti). I must say I feel that I lack ideas more than I lack ingredients.

Today I couldn't be bothered to think of what I could make with a daikon and some chicken breast. Fortunately, my trusty mom friends from Koji's school were there for me and we decided together that I should make some kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken nuggets) and a daikon salad. Not sure why I couldn't think of that last by myself since I LOVE daikon salad and eat it every day when we are in Japan. Even a convenience store daikon salad will do, so delicious. I digress...

Knowing Aogu wasn't going to be joining us for dinner, as he's on a super busy project for the next two weeks, I took the liberty of mixing some whole grain/bean mix into our rice. Alas, Koji was too smart for me--right away, he said, Mama, I don't like this rice... guess we'll be back to white soon. Last but not least, miso soup with daikon, shiitake, corn, peas, seaweed and tofu. I didn't put enough miso in so it actually wasn't very good, except as a veg conveyor for the kids. Oops.

Note to self about daikon salad: the way to make this particular version is, mix mayonnaise and umejiso paste to taste, then stir that into chopped daikon and cilantro. Shiso would have been better, but cilantro were the leaves I had on hand.

Maybe I'll break down and go to the market tomorrow.

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